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Unique loudspeaker system both in design as in performance.
A system combined of a fullrange electrostatic loudspeaker and a specially designed
tube amplifier. An electrostatic loudspeaker with a phenomenal bass performance.

The combination of proven tube technology, the specially designed step-up transformer
and the sublime sound of a fullrange electrostatic loudspeaker make it all to a timeless,
contemporary design.

During the design is not chosen for the easiest way, so is every couple of speakers built
in mirror image and the construction time takes about 3 months to complete.

Each component is built completely by hand with a lot of care an eye for proportion and detail.
Special casted aluminum housing for the tubes and their signaling pathway, inspired by the
iconic Jazz microphone from the 1950 ‘s are completely hand crafted, casted, finished and
polished, piece by piece.

The specially designed step-up transformer of no less than 6 Kg is completely house made
and is an extremely important part of the amplifier.

In normal combinations with electrostatic loudspeaker and tube amps 2 transformers are used,
by combining this system only one single transformer is used, which makes that the signal path is
practically halved. Resulting in an extremely natural sound, no detail is lost.

Vocals and voices, are lifelike every breath every emotion, instruments and sounds everything is a
flawless reproduction. An uncompromising system that displays every detail, all dynamics from
high to very low.

The only thing you need is an audio source, CD player or audio streamer with volume control.




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